I am about 10 minutes into the 4th episode of the second season of You. The suspense was just too much so I went searching for spoilers. This shit is fucked up, I think. I would really like to know: If you have also ‘spoiled’ yourself, what do you think of this plot? American Psycho was hilarious because it played with a narrative that could only happen in Donald Trump’s wettest wet dream. But this?

You’s plot is absolutely, insanely never-gonna-happen. I admit that I haven’t gotten past the 3rd episode, but - if the spoilers are correct - this shit is nothing more than the crazy-ass dynamics that led writers from the ‘60s-’70s to ask “Hey what the fuck would happen if we did psylosibin x,y,z and wrote something (See Grendel, Gardner, John [I LOVE it, btw]). Garner’s Grendel is funny and fucked up, but it justifies itself in the end.


Season One was seductive AF. Sooo many unanswered questions. Season Two - Still unanswered, but now we are asked if Two Consenting Murderers = Bliss? Bliss without accountability. If this show is just “Entertainment” I say mmm’k. Bit I am only in to the 3rd epidose. I have already seen a body - graphically- dissected and ground into restaurant meat (NO, even Los Angelenos don’t deserve that).

What kind of world do the showrunners of You want us accept?

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